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The Nod of Approval

A family enters a large store. After browsing for several moments they purchase some goods and head for the large counter at the front of the store. They notice a robotic seal standing in a corner situated near the counter. It is dressed in a tuxedo and each time goods are packaged the seal nods as if in agreement. After ... Read More »

Are You Reading That?

I was on the subway, sitting on a newspaper when a guy comes over and asks, “Are you reading that?” I didn’t know what to say. So I said, “Yes.” I then stood up, turned the page, and sat down again. Read More »

The Old Lawyer….

Joe the lawyer died suddenly, at the age of 45. He got to the gates of Heaven, and the angel standing there said, “We’ve been waiting a long time for you.” What do you mean he replied, “I’m only 45, in the prime of my life. Why did I have to die now?” “45? You’re not 45, you’re 82” replied ... Read More »


A priest went into a Washington, D.C., barbershop, got his hair cut and asked how much he owed. “No charge, Father,” the barber said. “I consider it a service to the Lord.” when the barber arrived at his shop the next morning, he found a dozen small prayer booklets on the stoop along with a thank you note from the ... Read More »

Political speech

Politician was a guest speaker at the golf club dinner. As the politician stood up to speak, a few of the men saw it as an opportunity to sneak off to the bar. An hour later, with the politician still talking, another man joined them. “Is he still talking?” they asked him. “Yes.” another man answered. “What on Earth is ... Read More »

While on a road trip, an elder

While on a road trip, an elderly couple stopped at a roadside restaurant for lunch. After finishing their meal, they left the restaurant and resumed their trip. When leaving, the elderly woman unknowingly left her glasses on the table. And, she didn’t miss them until after they had been driving about twenty minutes. By then, to add to the aggravation, ... Read More »

Change for an $18 Bill

A big-city counterfeiter decided the best place to pass off his phony $18 bills would be in some small, out of the way, town. So, he got into his new wheels and off he went. He found a tiny town with a single store. He entered the store and handed one of the bogus bills to the man behind the ... Read More »

Man On A Desert Island

A man was finally rescued, after having been on a deserted island for 10 years. The first question he was asked was why there were three huts on the island if he was alone. He replied, “The first one is my home, the second is my church and the third is the church I used to attend.” Read More »

Big Decisions

I asked my friend , “What is the secret behind your Happy Married Life?” He said “You should share responsibilities with due love and respect each other. Then absolutely there will be no problems.” I asked “Can you explain?” He said “In my house, I take decisions on bigger issues where as my Wife decides on smaller issues. We do ... Read More »

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