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Helpful Grandaugher

My Granddaughter bought me one of those fancy do everything cell phones for my birthday. She said she’d come over on the weekend and show me how to use it. The bad thing is I spilled some water on it and feeling horrible I called her up and told her what happened. She told me take out the battery, take ... Read More »

The Painless Dentist

When a new dentist set up in town he quickly acquired a reputation of being the ‘Painless’ dentist. However, a local little girl called Veronica disputed his claim. “He’s a fake!” Veronica told her friends. “He’s not painless at all. When he stuck his finger in my mouth, I bit him, and he screamed like anyone else!” Read More »

The Morning Dew

A Grandmother asked her teenage grandson to lightly water the plants outside in the backyard, but to not wet the grass because the younger grandchildren wanted to go out to play in the yard. She didn’t want the yard to be muddy for them to walk through. The teenage grandson happily said he understood and went outside to begin watering ... Read More »

About weekends

A pair of men were talking about their weekends. “I went out last Friday and got drunk out of my mind,” the first man said. “In the morning, I woke up next to this ugly, fat broad who was snoring and grunting.” “That sounds awful,” the second man replied. “Not really,” the first man said. “At least I managed to ... Read More »

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