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When NASA was preparing for the Apollo project, it did some astronaut training near a Navajo Indian reservation. One day, a Navajo elder and his son came across the space crew. The old man, who spoke only Navajo, asked a question which his son translated. “What are these guys in the big suits doing?” A member of the crew said ... Read More »

What A Husband Remembers

Wife: “You remember when you bought me this blue dress?” Husband: “I don’t remember.” Wife: “It was on my birthday! And this red gown?” Husband: “On your birthday?” Wife: “No… on our anniversary! Don’t you remember?” Husband: “Honey, I’m not good at remembering colors or dresses. I better at remembering prices, those I remember very well!” Read More »

Missing Dog

An old farmer is inconsolable after his dog goes missing. He takes out an ad in the newspaper, but two weeks later, there’s still no sign of the mutt. “What did you write in the ad?” his wife asks. “Here, boy,” he replies. Read More »

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