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  • Roaches

    Customer: Do you have and roaches? Clerk: Yes we sell them to the fisherman. Customer: I would like 20,000 of them. Clerk: What would you want with 20,000 roaches? Customer: I’m moving tomorrow and my lease says I must leave my apartment in the condition in which I found it. More

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    Blind Man is Here

    A Nun was taking a shower one day and she heard the door bell ring, she yelled “Who is it?” And the person ringing the door bell yelled, “I’m the blind man.” So the Nun got out of the shower and wrapped her hair in a towel, she didn’t bother putting a towel around herself […] More

  • Not tonight, Adam

    After a few days, the Lord called to Adam and said, “It is time for you and Eve to begin the process of populating the earth, so I want you to kiss her.” Adam answered, “Yes, Lord, but what is a ‘kiss’?” The Lord gave a brief description to Adam, who then took Eve by […] More

  • Hypothetically Speaking

    A little boy goes up to his father and asks: “Dad, what’s the difference between hypothetical and reality?” The father replies: “Well son, I could give you the book definitions, but I feel it could be best to show you by example. Go upstairs and ask your mother if she’d have se’x with the mailman […] More

  • How many?

    Adam returned home late at night, and entered the front door with staggering feet. As soon as he saw his wife Stella, he ordered her to come with him upstairs as he wanted a screw immediately. “What the hell Adam,” said Stella, “How many have you had tonight?” “Just the one.” Adam replied in a […] More

  • Hiding Out!

    A boss wondered why one of his most valued employees had not rung in sick one day. Having an urgent problem with a main computer, he phoned the employee’s home number and was greeted with a child’s whisper, “Hello?” “Is your Daddy home?” he asked. “Yes,” whispered the small voice. “May I speak to him?” […] More

  • Girls Night Out…

    The other night, I was invited out for a night with “the girls.” I told my husband that I would be home by midnight. “I promise,” were my last words. The hours passed and the margaritas went down way too easily and around 3 a.m. we piled into a cab and headed to our respective […] More

  • The juggler

    A juggler, driving to his next performance, is stopped by the police. “What are these matches and lighter fluid doing in your car?” asks the cop. “I’m a juggler and I juggle flaming torches in my act.” “Oh yeah?” says the doubtful cop. “Lets see you do it.” The juggler gets out and starts juggling […] More

  • New formula

    A famous scientist developed a formula to bring statues to life. He went to a local park to try it out on a statue of Gen. Ulysses Grant. After application, Gen Grant began to move and soon was completely alive. The scientist asked, “What’s the first thing you’ll do, General?” The general answered while drawing […] More

  • Door To Door

    Two salesmen were going door to door, and knocked on the door of a woman who was not happy to see them. She told them in no uncertain terms that she did not want to hear their offer and slammed the door in their faces. To her surprise, however, the door did not close and, […] More

  • Stop That

    A very attractive young lady was sitting in a fine restaurant one night. Waiting for her date as she was, she wanted to make sure everything was perfect. So, as she bends down in her chair to get the mirror from her purse, she accidentally farts quite loudly just as the waiter walks up. Sitting […] More

  • Have you any last requests

    A murderer, sitting in the electric chair, was about to be executed. “Have you any last requests? asked the chaplain. “Yes,” replied the murderer. “Will you hold my hand?” More

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