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Wife’s Diary

Wife’s Diary: Tonight, I thought my husband was acting strange. We went to a nice restaurant for dinner. I thought he was upset by the fact that I was a bit late, but he said nothing about it. I asked him what was wrong; He said, ‘Nothing.’ I asked him if it was something I had done. He said he ... Read More »

Innocent Question

Son: Daddy, I got punished in school today. Dad: Why? Son: My teacher pointed the scale towards me saying, “At the end of this scale there is an idiot.”. I just asked “Which end?”. Read More »

Angry Pizza Customer

An angry customer and an apologetic Domino’s Pizza: Customer: Yo, I ordered a Pizza and it came with no toppings on it or anything, Its just plain bread! Domino’s: We’re extremely sorry to hear about this. Customer (minutes later): Never mind, I opened the pizza upside down! Read More »

Moral Of The Story

One day at the end of class, little Johnny’s teacher asks the class to go home and think of a story to be concluded with the moral of that story. The following day the teacher asks for the first volunteer to tell their story. Little Suzy raises her hand. “My dad owns a farm and every Sunday we load the ... Read More »

Blonde Lost in a Snowstorm

A blonde driving a car became lost in a snowstorm. She didn’t panic however, because she remembered what her dad had once told her. “If you ever get stuck in a snowstorm, just wait for a snow plow to come by and follow it.” Sure enough, pretty soon a snow plow came by, and she started to follow it. She ... Read More »

A Serious Condition

A well respected surgeon was relaxing on his sofa one evening just after arriving home from work. As he was tuning into the evening news, the phone rang. The doctor calmly answered it and heard the familiar voice of a colleague on the other end of the line. “We need a fourth for poker,” said the friend. “I’ll be right ... Read More »

CEO Error

A company, feeling it was time for a shakeup, hired a new CEO. The new boss was determined to rid the company of all slackers. On a tour of the facilities, the CEO noticed a guy leaning against a wall and idly picking his teeth. The room was full of workers and he wanted to let them know that he ... Read More »

Great Party

A couple was invited to a swanky Halloween party. The day of the party the wife got a terrible headache and told her husband to go to the party alone. He being a devoted husband, protested, but she argued and said she was going to take some aspirin and go to bed, and there was no need of his good ... Read More »

Sweet Medicine

Grandma of a boy don’t like eating her medicine. So the boy went to the doctor and asked what he could do. The doctor tells him a trick. The boy came back home with some sweets and put the medicine inside them and gave it to Grandma to eat. After eating her sweets the Grandson told his Grandma, “I am ... Read More »

Son wants to get Married

Son: Dad, I want to get married. Father: First, tell me you’re sorry. Son: For what? Father: Say sorry. Son: But for what ? What did i do? Father: Just say sorry. Son: But…what have i done wrong ? Father: say sorry! Son: WHY? Father: Say sorry!! Son: Please, just tell me why? Father: Say sorry!!! Son: OK, Dad…i’m sorry! ... Read More »

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