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Greeting Card Quest

A little boy had been pawing over the stock of greeting cards at a stationery store. After a few minutes the clerk became curious and asked, “Just what is it you’re looking for, sonny? Birthday greeting? Message to a sick friend? Anniversary congratulations to your mom and dad?” The boy shook his head, “No.” “Then what kind of card is ... Read More »

The Card Game

Two couples were playing cards. Jeff accidentally dropped some cards on the floor. When he bent down under the table to pick them up, he noticed that Dave’s wife, Sandy, was not wearing any underwear! Shocked by this, Jeff hit his head on the table and emerged red-faced. Later when Jeff went to the kitchen to get some refreshments Sandy ... Read More »


A couple drove several miles down a country road, not saying a word. An earlier discussion had led to an argument, and neither wanted to concede their position. As they passed a barnyard of mules and pigs, the wife sarcastically asked, “Relatives of yours?” “Yep,” the husband replied, “In-laws.” Read More »

Doctors & Diagnosis

A young doctor moved out to a small community to replace a doctor who was retiring . The older doctor suggested that the young one accompany him on his rounds , so the community could become used to a new doctor. At the first house , a woman complains, “I’ve been a little sick to my stomach.” The older doctor ... Read More »

The Local sheriff was looking

The Local sheriff was looking for a new deputy. When a blonde walks in to try for the job, he asks her “Okay, what is 1 and 1?” “Eleven”, she replies. The sheriff thinks to himself, “That’s not what I wanted, but I guess she’s right!” “What two days of the week begin with the letter T?” he asks. “Today ... Read More »

The Dentist

Man goes to see dentist and asks “How much to pull two wisdom teeth?” Dentist says “$100.00.” Man says, “too much. Can’t you do it for less?” Dentist says “I can do it for $50 if I cut out the novacaine.” Man says, “that’s better but still too much. Can’t we do it any cheaper?” Dentist says, “I could let ... Read More »

Texan in Hell

A Texan dies and goes to Hell. Like with all new arrivals, Satan enjoys messing with the Texan. First, Satan turns the thermostat to 100 degrees with 80% humidity. Satan goes to check on the Texan only to become angry when he sees the Texan reclining in a lawn chair, sipping iced tea saying, “This is great! Just like Texas ... Read More »

Snail on the porch…

A guy is sitting at home when he hears a knock at the door. He opens the door and sees a snail on the porch. He picks up the snail and throws it as far as he can. Three years later, there‚Äôs a knock on the door. He opens it and sees the same snail. The snail says – “What ... Read More »

Swimming is prohibited

Officer: “Madam, swimming is prohibited in this lake.” Lady: “Why didn’t you tell me when I was removing my clothes?” Officer: “Well, that’s not prohibited.” Read More »

A Management Lesson

Once there was a king who had 10 wild dogs. He used them to torture and eat all ministers who made mistakes. One of the ministers once gave an opinion which the king didn’t like at all, so he ordered that the minister to be thrown to the dogs. So the minister said, “I served you 10 years and you ... Read More »

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