Job examination !

Jill and Pam applied for a single position at a company, and both were given a written exam to determine their qualifications.
When the exams were scored, it was found that both applicants missed only one question. The hiring manager told Jill, “Thank you, but I`ve decided to go with the other candidate.”
“What?” cried Jill. “You said we both got nine out of ten questions correct! It`s because I`m a blonde, isn`t it? This is discrimination! You people are going to have a lawsuit on your hands!”
“Not at all,” the manager said calmly. “I based my decision on the nature of each incorrect response.”
“And how can one wrong answer be any worse than another?,” the indignant Jill demanded.
“Simple,” said the manager. “Pam answered question five with, `I don`t know.` You put down `Neither do I.`”

Can of Peas!

What do I look like?