Looks good…

There is this guy named Leon. One day Leon decided to go for walk. He runs into his old neighbor Joe.
“Hey Leon yous looking good” Joe says.
“I feels good” said Leon
“But Leon you smells bad” said Joe
Well Leon kept on going, he then ran into his preacher.
“Hey Leon yous looking good” said The preacher.
“I feels good” said Leon.
“But Leon you smells bad” said the preacher.
“That is what Joe said earlier, I think I will go to the doctors”.
Well Leon goes to the doctors.
“You looks good Leon” said the doc.
“I feels good” said Leon.
“But you smells bad Leon” said the doc.
“That’s why I am here” said Leon.
Ok the doc got his book, “Looks good, feels good, smells good, nope thats not it” “Looks good, feels bad, smells good, nope thats not it either” “Here it is looks good, feels good, smells bad” “Well Leon, I hate to break it to you, but you are a pussy”

The Old Typewriter

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