Billy Bob started a new construction job on a Tuesday, worked the rest of the week and on the following Monday morning, calls his foreman. “Boss, I’m not gonna make it in today…I’m sick.”
He shows up Tuesday morning, works the rest of the week and the following Monday, sure enough, he calls the foreman. “Boss, not gonna make it today…I’m sick.”
The foreman calls him into his office Tuesday morning, sits him down and says, “Billy, this calling in on Mondays has to stop. You’re a good worker and I don’t want to fire you. Is there something wrong? Drugs, Alcohol?”
Billy Bob replies, “No, sir. I don’t drink or do drugs, but my brother in law does. He gets drunk and beats my sister around. Monday mornings, I visit her, comfort her and then we have se x.”
The foreman’s jaw drops and he asks “Billy, did I hear you right? You’re having se x with your sister?”
Billy Bob replies, “I told you I was sick.”


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