Stupid Salesman

A travelling salesman’s car breaks down on a deserted road, and he seeks refuge from the evening storm at a nearby farmhouse.
The farmer, being a kindly soul, says to the man that he can spend the night and they’ll sort his car out in the morning.
“There’s only one small problem,” says the farmer, “We don’t have much room, so y’all will have to either sleep on the couch, or share the spare bedroom with Baby.”
Thoughts of middle-of-the-night crying, early-morning nappy changing and all those other unpleasant things that come with sharing a room with a strange baby spring to mind, so the salesman agrees to sleep on the couch.
The next morning, he walks into the kitchen in the hopes of scoring some breakfast, and he sees this absolutely stunning, hot blonde busy making coffee. She turns around when he walks in and coos, “Hi, I’m Baby, who are you?”
He replies, “I’m the stupid salesman who just spent the whole of last night alone on the couch!!”


Too Young to Die!