Surprising the cow

The farmer and his wife are entertaining the local bigwigs when their son runs in and announces to his father in a loud voice, “Dad, dad, the bull’s f**king the cow.”
After a moment of shocked silence, the farmer turns to his son and calmly says, “Next time, son, be a little less explicit. You should have said. “The bull is surprising the cow. That sort of language comes from associating with riff-raff.”
Lo and behold, the following week the farmer and his wife are entertaining again when their son rushes in.
“Dad, dad, the bull is surprising the cows.”
“Well done, son, you’ve remembered what I told you, but you should have said the bull is surprising the cow … it can only surprise one cow at a time, you know.”
“But he can, dad,” insists the boy “He’s f**king the horse.”

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