Latest stories

  • Mongoose

    The drunk was floundering down the alley carrying a box with holes on the side. He bumped into a friend who asked, “What do you have in there, pal?” “A mongoose.” “What for?” “Well, you know how drunk I can get. When I get drunk I see snakes, and I’m scared to death of snakes. […] More

  • Drunk Biker!

    A policeman cruising past a pub after closing time notices two motor bikes still parked out the front. He goes round the back of the pub only to find two bikies, one with his fingers up the bum of the other. “So what’s going on here?” he asks. The bikie replies, “My mate here has […] More

  • I really tricked you

    A simple young man got very drunk one day and was caught short on the way home so he relieved himself in the local river. At that moment a policeman came along and shouted to him. “Stop that immediately, put it away and go home, you drunken sod.” The man stuck his d*ck back inside […] More

  • How can you tell?

    A very drunk man was walking down the street, one foot on the pavement and the other on the road. “I shall have to arrest you for being drunk,” said the policeman. “Drunk?” said the man. “How can you tell?” “You are walking with one foot on the pavement and the other on the road,” […] More