The Magical Frog

John went to the doctor one day. ” Dr. I don’t know what to do. The women are scared of me. My pen_is is too long. What can I do?”
The doctor meassured it and it was 24 inches long. “Well, you have 2 choices. One, you can have it surgically downsized. Or two, you can go ask a certain frog to marry you.”
The man instantly said, “I’m not asking a frog to marry me!”
“It’s okay, he will say no. But it’s alot easier than cutting it.”
So the doctor gave him directions, and he drove to the pond.
He saw the frog, and said, “Frog!”
The frog said, “what?”
John asked, “will you marry me?”
The frog said, “no.”
His pen_is shrunk 6 inches. He noticed this, and decided that 2 more times would be good. He asked again, and again it shrunk 6 more inches.
Then he asked a 3rd time. “Frog!”
The frog turned, and disgustedly asked, “what do you want?!”
John said, “will you marry me?”
The frog said, “NO, NO, NO, NO, NO, NO!”

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