Good luck

Two astronauts successfully landed on the moon and transmitted their thoughts and feelings back to mission control. They described the moon’s surface, the temperature, the atmosphere and their own feelings of elation at being there. Just as transmission was going off, one of the astronauts was heard to say, “Good luck Mr Collins”.
When the men eventually returned to earth there was a lot of media attention but when it came to the meaning of “Good luck Mr Collins”, the astronaut refused to explain.
Twenty-five years later, on the anniversary of the moon landing, once again the two astronauts become the centre of attention. It was then, on a late night television programme that the meaning of “Good luck Mr Collins” was finally revealed.
“When I was a young boy, our family lived next door to Mr and Mrs Collins,” he began, “and one day when I was playing in the garden I heard voices coming from their open bedroom window. I heard Mrs Collins yelling at her
husband, ‘Oral se*, that’s what you want, is it … oral se*? Let me tell you, when the boy next door lands on the moon, then you’ll get oral se*!’ ”

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